Belvidere City Seal

City of Belvidere Water Services

Max 24 hr. pump cap.  7 wells, ranging from 120 ft. to 1800 ft. deep
Daily Average Pumped 9.12 million gallons a day
Daily Record Pumped 3.17 million gallons
Reserve Capacity 6.046 million gallons
Water Pressure .061 million gallons
Treatment 60-90 lbs.
     Chlorine  10 lbs/million gallons
     Fluoride 30-40 lbs/million gallons or 0.9-1.2 mg/1
     Hardness 19-28 grains
     Temperature 52 degrees
     Billing – water $6.50/bill, $1.57 per 100 cubic feet




Located in the Midwest area of the central U.S., the Northern Illinois region is well positioned for national and international market access and rich with resources that can help your business grow. The State of Illinois has restructured its electricity industry to allow all customers to choose an electricity supplier of their choice. A Northern Illinois location offers businesses a robust, deregulated energy-exporting region that provides for more opportunities, options, and price stability over time and is not something available in other neighboring Midwestern States. ComEd’s peak system demand is 23,613 MW set in 2006.

The ComEd service territory covers 11,411 square miles in Northern Illinois, stretching from the Wisconsin border to as far south as Pontiac, Ill., and from the Indiana border to the Mississippi River. It covers approximately 70 percent of the population in Illinois and the vast majority of the State’s industrial companies. Our transmission and distribution systems are very robust, with more than 5,300 miles of overhead transmission lines and approximately 34,900 miles of overhead distribution lines and 29,700 miles of underground distribution lines.

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NicorGas 3c

As the largest natural gas distributor in Illinois and one of the largest natural gas distributors in the country, Nicor Gas delivers natural gas safely and reliably to 656 northern Illinois communities.

In order to deliver this service, Nicor Gas operates more than 34,000 miles of distribution system that is connected to seven interstate pipelines and one intrastate pipeline. We also own and operate one of the largest natural gas aquifer storage systems in North America, with eight natural gas storage fields capable of delivering approximately 150 billion cubic feet of natural gas annually.

Our more than 2,000 employees are dedicated to helping ensure that natural gas – an American, abundant, affordable and clean energy source – safely and reliably reaches more than 2.2 million homes and businesses. As a company, we are committed to investing in programs and initiatives that invigorate the economy, enrich the community, enhance diversity, promote education and support environmental stewardship. For more than 150 years, Nicor Gas and its legacy companies have been a part of the fabric of this region and we are proud to give back to the communities where we live, work and raise our families.


ComEd Smart Ideas®
Helps Businesses Save Money and Energy
in Boone County

A business that effectively manages its energy use can provide a more comfortable workplace, enhance the productivity of its employees, decrease its environmental impact, and increase the value of its real estate assets – all while lowering its operating costs.

Since 2008, ComEd’s Smart Ideas for Your Business® program has offered a portfolio of incentives, services, and solutions to help identify energy-saving technologies and operational improvements that ultimately help the bottom lines of its customers.

For example, a convenience store or restaurant can get discounts on efficient lighting technologies like LEDs or compact fluorescents (CFLs). An office building or hospital can receive a tune-up of its heating and cooling systems to minimize energy use while still providing the environmental conditions required by its occupants. A manufacturing facility can work with expert engineers to optimize the performance of its compressed air or industrial refrigeration systems. Or a data center can take advantage of technical assistance and cash incentives to help install energy-efficient equipment.

In all these cases, Smart Ideas makes energy efficiency projects more affordable and shortens the payback period of the business’s investment.

Since program inception, 13,186 businesses have received almost $120 million in financial incentives and services, reducing energy usage by 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh). Those savings translate to an additional $127 millions* reduction in the electric bills of the participating businesses, and are the equivalent of eliminating the annual greenhouse gas emissions of more than 233,000 cars.

In Boone County specifically, from June 2008 through May 31, 2013, Smart Ideas provided $1.2 million in incentives to 91 energy-efficiency projects. These projects are expected to save approximately 22 million kWh in electricity, or $1.7 million in energy costs.

ComEd’s Economic Development Department leverages these programs as a differentiator for businesses locating in Northern Illinois, in addition to providing top-performing electric reliability and a competitive energy supply market.

For more information on incentives and to download an application, visit  www.comed.com/business-savings/programs-incentives or call the Smart Ideas hotline at 855-433-2700. This program is funded by ComEd customers in compliance with Illinois law.

* savings calculated on annual basis, based on 7.5 cents per kWh

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